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Six words that change the fire serviceAbout the author:
Kevin Schulz, Deputy Fire Chief has been in the fire service for 19 years. Chief Schulz has worked in the volunteer, part-time and full time fire service industry serving in small rural communities, small and mid-size suburban type communities and now is Deputy Chief of Operations for the Des Moines Iowa International Airport Fire Department.
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Wearing the white helmet-"Who are You"About the author:

Taking Charge and Moving Forward-Jeremy S. Rebok, FO, A.A.S, MIFireE

For 23 years, I have managed local and federal public safety agencies in Pennsylvania to streamline and improve emergency services they provide for their communities. Through my individual accomplishments and education, I have been commissioned by the CPSE reaching an accredited designation as a Fire Officer. Currently there is only 1300 designees worldwide, which make up a small percentage of fire service leaders. In addition to the fire service accreditation, I have conformed to reaching several national certifications, meeting benchmarks set by NFPA standards, to include Fire Officer IV. I accredit my strong leadership skills to the time committed in making the fire service better. I have designed this 4 hour program to specifically define the leadership traits needed to achieve success for the future.

This program will define the following:

  1. Why It Starts With You
  2. Organizational Development
  3. Organizational Management
  4. Attitudes and Morale
  5. Future Success Measures

Jeremy is the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations and Prevention at the United States Military Academy, NY.  He has previously held the position of Captain, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief in both volunteer and career capacities. Jeremy holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Building Construction Technology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and currently finishing up Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.



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