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“Collyer’s Mansion Conditions” – Tactical Considerations For Hoarder Houses

“COLLYER’S MANSION CONDITIONS” -Tactical Considerations For Hoarder Houses By: Jake Hoffman Whatever you call them, buildings full of junk present an immense amount of danger to crews operating on the fireground. When faced with Collyer’s Mansion conditions, does your operational strategy change? How do you communicate this as a company officer to the Incident Commander? Fires like these aren’t common, ...

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Part 1: Are We Professionals On Game Day?

Article by: Mike Lopina Are we professionals on game day? Are we professionals? We call ourselves such and it matters not if we are career or volunteer. What makes us professional is that we respond to each and every call ready to perform at our best and we study our opponent day in and day out. Do we evaluate our ...

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It’s not just in the fire service: It’s everywhere! We visit fire stations, talk to those around the country, and read about them every day. “This guy has a lot to offer” “She’s going to turn this department around” “He has 3 college degrees”. Everywhere you look there are people that are making outrageous claims of future success without any ...

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What kind of relationships do you have with your brothers?

As many of you know, I’m a firefighter. I spend a considerable amount of time studying my craft and training for it. It’s a career that requires students and mentors. I’m blessed to be both. I’ve had some great conversations lately with my Brothers and Sisters. I usually mention to them what I believe this profession is all about. Contrary ...

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Do we place our entire trust in trust?

Do we place our entire trust in trust? I don’t think so. Here is my take on it… Trust is important in the Fire Service. In fact trust is important in any circumstance where it applies. In a workplace, a relationship, a partnership or family. But trust is no more important than many other attributes that should be present in these ...

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Surviving your first year as a “rookie”

Matt Preston

Surviving your first year as a “rookie” So you finally made it! Studied up your math and logic, spent countless days at the gym on the stair-master, had a great test day and an even better interview, then wrapped it all up by passing all the mundane tests of pre-employment before landing your dream job as a career firefighter! Unfortunately ...

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Building Strong Leadership Habits-Fulfilling Rule #13

Building Strong Leadership Habits-Fulfilling Schwarzkopf Rule #13 By: Scott Symonds   As we begin to transcend generations in the fire service we are at a pivotal moment. We are rapidly approaching a shift in direction. The changing direction is not based on tactics, science, or procedure. It is based on leading people and not simply managing an organization. At the ...

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Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly By Mark Cannon Over this past year, several articles have been written regarding decisions made by fire service leaders. In some cases the outcomes have been revered as positive, thus reflecting a decision made by a good fire service leader. In other cases the outcomes have not been quite so desirable. Then ...

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Six words that hold the fire service hostage

Kevin Schultz, training article, leadership, image

Six words that hold the fire service hostage Article by: Kevin Schulz It doesn’t matter what kind of fire department you belong to, career, part-time, combination, volunteer or industrial we’re all here to do the same job and more importantly we’re all professional firefighters. That being said there seems to be a common thread that follows the fire service. Firefighters hold the cultures ...

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