Truck Company Operations

Close Call: Firefighter Breaks Wrist Using K-Saw on a Job

A brother firefighter would like to share his experience while cutting a chain link on a job.  The firefighter suffered a broken wrist during this incident. The amazing part of this is he continued to work at the fire with a broken wrist. This article is from FF/PM Michael Torres. The accident was from a candidate that he know. Thanks ...

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Truck Company Positioning-Threading the Needle “Toledo Style”

Threading the Needle: Toledo Style Check out this picture from the Toledo (OH) Fire/Rescue Department’s Facebook page. Like the Chicago post, a skilled driver made a huge difference in this incident. For fires where you know right away that there will be defensive operations, consider the “Detroit Blitz Attack” where the first engine dumps their booster tank on the fire ...

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Threading The Needle When Positioning The Truck “Chicago Style”

Chicago FD Tower Ladder 23 setting up for water tower ops at an extra alarm fire last weekend. If you are the driver of any aerial apparatus, how comfortable are you putting the rig wherever it needs to be to maximize performance? Do you practice setting up in unique and unconventional locations or do you set up in a predetermined ...

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