“The Assumptions of Others…Forget What They Say!”

“The Assumptions of Others…Forget What They Say!”

Leadership_training_Jeremy RebokWe are given an amazing opportunity every day we crawl out of bed. A dream…to so many, we get to say that we are part of the American Fire Service! We have the opportunity of a lifetime to do great things with our lives while providing services to the community that not everyone is capable of. We aspire to be more than we once were, to be more than those that served before us, and to be so much more than those who were handed everything!

Is it biased of us to want to be so much better than others? Absolutely NOT! The assumptions of those who whisper behind your back are just tears of jealousy, because if they knew, they would be headed down the same road you are headed…chasing dreams…putting in work…making your goals reality!

If you instill in rock solid core values of training, teamwork, and tradition, you will create a path for those in your inner circle to follow. Soon, you will begin to see a movement…a movement towards making the “job” better than it once was.

All this has been a dream come true for so many, a real dream not based on material things like homes and cars. You owe everything of today to the past, the present, those who served as mentors to you, catastrophic events, and the training that you have participated in.

Learning for “EVERY” tier of the job is the cornerstone for your attitude and effectiveness as a Firefighter, Officer, and Leader for those of tomorrow, and the services we will provide.

Let ignorant people present themselves in any way they wish. Let them talk. They will tell you exactly how little they know, and their actions on the fire ground will show. And when dealing with a leader of substance, let the summation of his actions tell you who he is and of his worth.

TRAINING…Cause all the cool kids are doing it!

About the author:
Wearing the white helmet-"Who are You"Jeremy Rebok is the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations and Prevention at the United States Military Academy, NY.  He has previously held the position of Captain, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief in both volunteer and career capacities. Jeremy holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Building Construction Technology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and currently finishing up Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.

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