“Branding Yourself” – You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader!

“Branding Yourself”

Gold Standard "Branding Yourself" - You Don't Need A Title To Be A Leader!We have a standard we must adhere to in this business…and that is simply to prepare those who wear the uniform and donn the PPE every single time the bell rings. Those who call 911 are looking to us for answers on their worst day.

Inherently dangerous…this job, craft, and profession is filled with ups and downs, challenges, roadblocks, and split decisions. Our provocation is the reason why we should be establishing and adhering to certain standards of our performances. When the bell rings, we accept the contest that is being dealt to us. For that small percentage of times where we are subconsciously doubting ourselves, there should be no more doubts running through your mind, if you have prepared yourself to your standard.

When we set our benchmarks to achieve such a said performance standard, we are working towards progress, muscle memory, knowledge, and validation of our team, department, and operations. You should take this mindset, branding your company to accept nothing but proficiency, effectiveness, and quality services that want to be mirrored by many.

So, where do these standards start and come from? “YOU”…that’s right! There is an illusion that it is your Chief or Company Officer that must start the momentum of setting standards. You see, you are judged on your department’s failures, feats, and progress, no matter who or what you are. So why not make the best of this profession, and what it has to offer.

Standard Illisuions "Branding Yourself" - You Don't Need A Title To Be A Leader!That moment you find yourself sitting at the station and you get bored, get up and practice a skill to better yourself, branding your department for the next time you need to perform under pressure.

Take a look at yourself and be proud to wake up each and every morning so you can proudly display the Maltese cross, for we prepare ourselves each day to perform under pressure, meeting the professional standards “you” established.

You have just as much responsibility as the Fire Chief, preparing for those job duties that reflect your department’s “Mission”. After all…you don’t need a title to be a leader!

~Jeremy Rebok~


About the author:
Wearing the white helmet-"Who are You"Jeremy Rebok is the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations and Prevention at the United States Military Academy, NY.  He has previously held the position of Captain, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief in both volunteer and career capacities. Jeremy holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Building Construction Technology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and currently finishing up Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.

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