Close Call: Firefighter Breaks Wrist Using K-Saw on a Job

A brother firefighter would like to share his experience while cutting a chain link on a job.  The firefighter suffered a broken wrist during this incident. The amazing part of this is he continued to work at the fire with a broken wrist. This article is from FF/PM Michael Torres. The accident was from a candidate that he know. Thanks for sharing this story and we wish him a quick recovery!

Article from FF/PM Michael Torres

Men this next bit of information and words are from a candidate That just got out of the academy. And is on a busy truck company this happened to his hand because of the Saw . Does anyone have any answers on why this happened we cant figure it out.

Cutting our way into a big lot on Pulaski. Got through the chain (because we cut the chain, not the lock) and the best guess is that the chain was pulled into the guard, completely dislodged the guard which stuck to the blade and spun 180°’ The entire saw kicked and the guard must’ve hit my hand.
If it were the blade I’d have lost fingers.

It was a security chain that wasn’t rounded links but they were hex shaped, like the shackles on the outdoor shed locks

I was looking at the blade while I was setting it down thinking, why the fuck can I see the blade right now. Grabbed my axe and pike and went in to pull shit apart so the engine could wash it down
It was pretty sore afterward so I had it checked out. Broken . 4/6 weeks in a cast




k-saw k-saw

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  1. It’s the danger of using a combination blade. Aluminum Oxide helps to prevent the “teeth” from catching. The other alternative is to be sure the chain is pulled taught when cutting. It will then break away from the saw preventing it from catching the guard.

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