Threading The Needle When Positioning The Truck “Chicago Style”

Truck 23 & Squad 2

Tower Ladder 23 & Squad 2

Chicago FD Tower Ladder 23 setting up for water tower ops at an extra alarm fire last weekend. If you are the driver of any aerial apparatus, how comfortable are you putting the rig wherever it needs to be to maximize performance?

Do you practice setting up in unique and unconventional locations or do you set up in a predetermined location all the time IE front apron, training tower, etc.?

If you are the first in engine driver, do you consider placing the rig in a position so as not to block other rigs (tankers, aerials, ambulances, etc). Do you forward lay into the fire scene and block the street with your LDH or do you hug the curb/shoulder so the street remains clear enough for othrr rigs to get in?

As the old saying goes: As the first engine goes, so goes the incident.

Article by: Mike Lopina-Firefighter Education Group

Photo: Steve Redick-KSC711

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