Truck Company Positioning-Threading the Needle “Toledo Style”

Toledo Ohio Truck 5

Toledo Ohio Truck 5

Threading the Needle: Toledo Style

Check out this picture from the Toledo (OH) Fire/Rescue Department’s Facebook page.

Like the Chicago post, a skilled driver made a huge difference in this incident. For fires where you know right away that there will be defensive operations, consider the “Detroit Blitz Attack” where the first engine dumps their booster tank on the fire through the deck gun then moves down the block, leaving room for the truck to set up.

Some additional considerations: Does your truck have a pump or does it have to be supplied by an engine? Do your drivers know the water mains in their first due? If there are multiple handlines on exposures, a master stream, and a tower ladder in operations, will the water system be able to handle the load or will subsequent engines have to grab hydrants on other mains on their way in? Are your truck companies mid- or rear-mounted? This will affect their optimal position on the scene.

Looks like a great job by this Toledo truck company!

Article by anonymous contributor.

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