Videos: All 5 Parts of The Wind Driven Fire Series Here in One Spot. Take The Time to Watch, Learn, and Share

The video’s are the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) videos that were put together after comprehensive testing regarding wind driven fires.  Take the time to watch these videos.  As somebody once told me, “It can be just as windy on the second floor as it can on the tenth floor at times, so don’t think this only pertains to high rise fires”.  We must learn from those who walked before us.  It’s winter and it might be cold and windy so make a cup and watch and learn.  We put them all on one page for you.  The videos were posted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and description of the videos are posted below.

“Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief Peter Van Dorpe introduces this five-part presentation on how new fire research points the way to more effective ways to fight high-rise fires. Van Dorpe also summarizes the recent history of recent Chicago high-rise fires and assesses how scientific findings challenge the conventional tactics used to fight them. The Chicago Fire Department collaborated in the pioneering research, described in parts 3 and 4, that is changing the way the department fights wind-driven fires.”

“FDNY Battalion Chief Jerry Tracy provides an overview of significant high-rise fires in New York since 1980, many of them resulting in occupant and firefighter casualties. He homes in on the Dec. 18, 1998, Vandalia Ave. high-rise apartment building fire that killed three firefighters. Tracy traces the origins of high-rise fire experiments involving FDNY, the Chicago Fire Department, the National Institute of Standards, and other organizations. He describes how better scientific understanding of the dynamics of fires is transforming the way FDNY combats wind-driven high-rise fires.”

“Dan Madrzykowski, fire protection engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), reviews the results of controlled fire experiments to better understand the dynamics of wind-driven fires and to investigate the potential of new methods to combat them. The effectiveness of wind-control devices and exterior applications of water were among the approaches examined. Includes multi-camera (including infrared) views of experimental apartment fires conducted in the NIST Fire Research Laboratory. See NIST TN1618…

“Fire protection engineer Steve Kerber reviews results of a full-scale fire experiment conducted in an unoccupied seven-story apartment building on New York’s Governors Island. The full-scale experiment in a real high-rise tested findings from the controlled laboratory fire experiments (described in video 3). Techniques and approaches tested were stairwell pressurization with portable fans, wind-control devices, and alternative strategies of attack. Collaborators in the live burn included the City of New York Fire Department, the Chicago Fire Department, the National Institute of Standards of Technology, and Underwriters Laboratory. See NIST TN1629…

“Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief Peter Van Dorpe and Fire Department of New York City Battalion Chief Jerry Tracy wrap up this five-part presentation with “take home” lessons from research on wind-driven fires.”

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