5 Year Anniversary of LODD Captain Herbert “Herbie” Johnson 11-2-2012

LODD Chicago Captain Johnson


NIOSH Report and Key contributing factors:

Contributing Factors

  • Modified building construction with multiple ceilings and a multi-story enclosed rear porch
  • Horizontal ventilation contributed to the rapid fire growth
  • Fireground communications
  • Lack of proper personal protective equipment
  • Lack of a sprinkler system in the residential rental building.

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure that fireground operations are coordinated with consideration given to the effects of horizontal ventilation on ventilation-limited fires
  • Ensure that the Incident Commander communicates the strategy and Incident Action Plan to all members assigned to the incident
  • Ensure that the Incident Commander establishes a stationary command post during the initial stages of the incident for effective incident management, which includes the use of a tactical worksheet, enhanced communications, and a personnel accountability system
  • Ensure use of risk management principles at all structure fires
  • Ensure proper personal protective equipment is worn
  • Ensure that communications are acknowledged and progress reports are relayed
  • Ensure that Incident Commanders are provided chief aides to help manage information and communication
  • Ensure that staffing levels are maintained.

View Full NIOSH Report: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/fire/reports/face201228.html

Video of Funeral Procession:


Below is audio from Mayday:


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