Arrival Helmet Cam Video: Basement Fire in New Athens, Illinois


Helmet cam video of a basement fire in New Athens, Illinois.  The video was posted by the New Athens Fire Department on their Facebook page.  Description of the fire is below.

“The following Basement Fire video was taken from Captain Justin Majzel’s Helmet Cam on June 1st, 2018 at 9746 NA-Darmstadt Road. If you are not involved in the Fire Service, this is a great “realistic” video as it shows what the conditions inside a house fire can be like. In movies and TV, there is seldom any smoke shown so that you can see the fire and make it more dramatic. In the real world, heavy smoke can cause visibility to be very limited, making it difficult to see the actual flames. Although our visibilty was near 0%, if you listen close when entry is made into the basement, you can hear the crackling & popping of the fire.

Thank you to the 1st Alarm companies (Marissa, Lenzburg, and St. Libory) as well as the 2nd Alarm companies that were brought in due to the excessive heat (Freeburg, Fayetteville, Smithton, & Red Bud).”

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