Arrival Video: House Fire in Goshen, Indiana

Video of Companies Arriving and going to work in Goshen, Indiana at a house fire.  The video was posted Brian Sapp and description is below.

“I want this page to be about good news. I want this page to be about stories of people impacting and changing our community. I thought I left stories like this behind. All I saw were the flames. In all the years I was a TV cameraman I never arrived at a fire before the fire or police departments. So, I was expecting a controlled scene and I could film some video and pictures for my freelancing partners The Goshen News. Flames engulfed the front of the house and people were running towards and away from the house. As I jogged up the scene screamed chaos. I began to worry that someone might be inside, or someone would dash into a house. I saw neighbors and bystanders help people move away from the Fire. Then Goshen Police Department officers arrived. Without hesitation they secured the scene for the fire engines close behind. They checked homes and made sure people were clear of the fire. I began filming after police had established control. The Goshen Fire Department arrived and like a well rehearsed scene from a movie they set about their task of dousing the flames. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Every move had a purpose and no actions were wasted. My mind raced from the minute I approached the house, but the professional nature of the fire and police seemed to bring the chaos under control. Looking back, this seemingly small event impacted many people. Taking a moment to reflect on the calamity… No, not the calamity, but in looking at the people impacted and those who thrust themselves into this situation, we can truly find the good. It’s what I saw that will leave me changed. The bystanders who saw the fire and called 911. The bystanders who rushed up to help those suffering. The police who bringing coordination to a mad situation. The fire fighters who stepped into the breach to bring the scene under it’s control and keep people safe. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for your selflessness. May you continue to be shining lights. This is dedicated to the good that happens around us every day. Good that shines forth from the darkness. Be sure to check out the story about this event at The Goshen News.”

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