Chicago Fire LODD: Diver Dies After River Rescue Attempt

Video and article from WGN9 Chicago:

CHICAGO —A fire department diver looking for a man who fell off a boat into the Chicago River on Monday night was separated from his partner underwater and was killed.

The Chicago Fire Department said that its “prayers go out to the family of Firefighter Juan Bucio.” It said on Twitter that Bucio “tragically passed away answering a call of a person in the water.”

chicago diver dies in river rescue attempt

Diver dies in river rescue

The man fell off the boat around 8 p.m. Monday, police said. Bucio was killed and two other divers were injured while searching for the man in the river, which flows through downtown Chicago.

Bucio was in the water with a dive partner when the partner lost contact with him, fire Commissioner Jose Santiago said.

“During the search, one of our divers became separated,” he said. “Immediate search started with the backup divers.”

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Chicago Fire Department Diver Dies

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