Chicago Firefighters Battle 2-11 Alarm Fire With a Jumper and 2 Other Injuries

Chicago Firefighters g0t off to a busy morning after responding to a 2-11 Alarm Fire shortly after 06:00 this morning.  Companies arrived to find heavy fire and at least 3 people injured.  Below is more on the story from WGN and some pictures from their news video.  Also included is a video of Squad 5 setting up at the 2-11.




CHICAGO – “At least three people were injured in an apartment fire on the Far South Side.

Firefighters say the fire may have started with an explosion in the basement.

It happened just after 6:00 Saturday morning in the 9600 block of S. Ewing Ave. in Chicago’s East Side neighborhood.

One man says he talked to some of the victims as they came out of the building, “they said it exploded, our apartment exploded,” said Brandon Franklin. “My heart just kind of stopped because it looked like he was in pain.”

One person was hospitalized in critical condition with burns over 25 percent of his body. Another person was injured while jumping out a window and a third person suffered minor cuts while escaping.”…Continue Reading Here

Video posted by walleyeking23 shows Squad 5 setting up at the 2-11 Alarm Fire this morning.

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