Close Call: Driver Eating Breakfast and Driving Nearly Hits Ambulance in West Bend Wisconsin

This near miss on the freeway in West Bend, WI. West Bend FD was on scene of an incident when a reported restricted driver hit another vehicle and almost hit the driver of the ambulance. TMJ4 reported the story and posted the video above and stated the driver was eating while driving. If you look closely at the picture below you can see just how close the WBFD member came to being struck. Luckily no injuries were reported by an WBFD members.

“Rescue workers were nearly rammed by a distracted driver near West Bend while they responded to an earlier crash on US 45 Monday morning. According to a news release from the Wisconsin DOT, officers responded to a crash on US 45 near Chestnut Street. While responding to that crash, a driver going 50 mph into the area occupied by first responders crashed into the car authorities were first called out to assist. In dashcam video released by the Wisconsin Department of State Patrol, the car nearly misses a first responder and a West Bend ambulance, crashing into the other car and sending it into the ditch. The driver admitted they were distracted while eating breakfast while driving, driving 50 mph passed the first responders. In its release, the DOT said, “This incident highlights the need for drivers to slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles with lights turned on. While no officers or other first responders were injured during this event, it highlights the dangers of distracted driving.”” – See Full Article HERE

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