Companies in Southeast Wisconsin Help Injured Man Finish Staining His Deck After Taking Him to The Hospital

The Journal Times – “An elderly Caledonia man got more than just a rescue when a group of Caledonia firefighters arrived at his home Wednesday afternoon.

He got some much needed help painting his deck.

If you ask Caledonia Battalion Chief Jeff Henningfeld about the deed, he’ll tell you it was part of the job.

According to Henningfeld, firefighters were called to the man’s home in the 6000 block of Highway 31 at about 3 p.m. after a neighbor learned the man had fallen off his deck.

“I believe that he injured himself while he was painting (the deck). He was seated in a chair, I believe, and just slipped off the deck and injured himself,” Henningfeld said Thursday.

When Henningfeld and a rescue crew arrived at the home, the man was seated in the chair and a neighbor was heading towards him, he said.

By the time they got to the man he was in some pain but otherwise in good spirits, Henningfeld said, but he was upset about not being able to finish his painting project.

That’s when Henningfeld and the rest of the crew on scene decided they would help him out.

“Basically he kind of lamented as we were talking to him that ‘ugh, I am never going to get my deck finished now,’” Henningfeld said. “I kind of made eye contact with the company officer from the ambulance and we both came to the same conclusion: ‘We’ll take care of this.’”

After the ambulance took the man to Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital, 3801 Spring St., the crews got to work

“I called an engine company out and said ‘we have a little project we need to take on,’ ” Henningfeld said. “I called the ambulance crew and let them know to reassure the patient that his painting project would be taken care of. “

The ambulance crew came back to the scene after the transport, and along with Henningfeld’s crew, picked up paint brushes.


The six- to seven-man crew finished the job in about an hour and a half, he said.”…Continue Reading Here

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