Detroit Fire Equipment Stolen Again, and a Used Colostomy Bag Thrown in a Rig While Companies Worked a Fire

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Detroit Firefighters had a nasty surprise after working a fire Sunday night.  Some foam and a spray gun apparently were stolen off the rig and another rig had a used colostomy bag thrown into it.  Detroit Firefighters had to take that rig out of service to decontaminate it.  Here is a little more on the story posted by Click on Detroit.

Crews at Engine 41 and Engine 52 in Detroit tell Local 4 while they were battling flames at a vacant apartment building Sunday night, someone stole equipment from one truck and someone else threw a used colostomy bag in another.

“It was a mess and it turned into a hazmat situation,” said Capt. Mark Simmons of Engine 52. “We had to take the rig off the streets to clean it out and it wasn’t available to go to another fire if needed.”

“Someone from the local neighborhood opened the back door and took out our bucket of foam and our spray gun,” said Sgt. Thompson. “That’s a door that doesn’t open on its own.”…Continue Reading Here

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