Fire Video: Police Officer Vs. Door at Mingo Jct. Ohio Building Fire 8-15-2015

Mingo firefighters responded too a reported building fire on 8-15-2015. It appears they have a good working relationship with their police department and bystanders. First few minutes of video show police officer struggling to break down door. After a few good kicks and a few good swings he finally got it open. Thanks to Debbie Robinson for sharing this video with!

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“JEFFERSON COUNTY, OH – A fire breaks out in a building in Mingo Junction, putting a family-fun event on hold. The village’s Community Days celebration was happening when firefighters responded to the blaze at the 600 block of Commercial Avenue, around 7:20 p.m. Saturday. Authorities found heavy, black smoke when they arrived, but they said they couldn’t find see flames. Mingo Junction Fire Capt. Brandon Montgomery said entering the building was difficult because of the building has been vacant for some time.             “There was a lot of debris. Once we got in [about 40 feet] the floor had collapsed. At that point in time, we evacuated everybody from the structure,” said Montgomery.             Firefighters eventually made their way into the basement, where they believe the seed of the blaze was. The fire was contained about an hour later. The Hillndale and Brilliant fire crews also assisted in the incident. Police officers restricted Community Days during the time. The festivities continued once authorities were able to control the fire. Authorities said the cause of the blaze was electrical.


  1. Wow almost 5 mins. Into before an attack. Good thing that second engine showed up. Looks like a lot of lack of training.

    • The village only has two firefighters on duty. Its unsafe to go in without backup on scene. The building was condemned anyways. So why risk it?

  2. Report of a structure fire and they respond without gear on. Then look like idiots standing there. The fire officer doesn’t have a clue what to do as usual for this dept.

  3. Not sure if we pick the video up after someone made entry..but they should not let cops break down or ventilate on an active fire scene unless he has been trained. And I can tell you from his strikes and the position he’s in before and after he gets the door open he has not been trained..good thing he didn’t get hurt or put firefighters in danger by venting if he wasn’t instructed to do it. Which with out proper training he shouldn’t have been.

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