Fireground Audio: Box Alarm Fire in Detroit, MI With a Firefighter Injured

Fireground audio of a box alarm fire in Detroit, MI on Sunday.  At least one firefighter was injured and all other Firefighters were accounted for following the fire.  The video was posted by  Motor City Fire Photography and description is below.

“Detroit Fire Department’s 9th Battalion responded to a report of a vacant dwelling fire. Engine 50, 52, 60, and 46 Ladder 23 Squad 6 Chief 9 all responded. Chief 9 was first to arrive to the scene and reported working fire in a story and a half vacant dwelling, first engine will be stretching to a hydrant (E50). Chief 9 also requested EMS for standby and 2nd arriving engine to dump their monitor(E46). Engine 52 was assigned to RIT and officer of Engine 60 was safety officer. Once the firefighter went missing C9 requested EMS to step it up and wanted an ETA. Then order a PAR and everyone out of the dwelling.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.58.05 PM

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