Fireground Audio: Chicago Fire Department Still and Box Alarm Fire With Emergency Evacuation Orders

The above video has no photo associated with it, however it is the fireground audio of a early Friday morning fire on Chicago’s Southeast Side.  At the approx. 3:22 minute mark you can hear orders to evacuate the building being given.  The video was posted by walleyeking23 and description is below.  More on the fire is also below.

“A rare still and box alarm on Chicago’s far southeast side. Radio traffic is condensed. Audio is courtesy of Broadcastify and Radioreference.”

CHICAGO –“A fire broke out at a 1.5-story building in the Hegewisch neighborhood.

Firefighters responded to 135th and Buffalo shortly after 4 a.m. Friday and have been battling the blaze in defensive mode ever since.

So far, no injuries have been reported.”…Continue Reading Here


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