Fireground Audio of a Fatal Apartment Fire in Chicago With a Mayday. One Member Seriously Hurt

Fireground Audio of a Still and Box Alarm Fire in Chicago.  The fire killed one gentleman who may have been wheelchair bound.  One member fell thru an elevator shaft approx. 20 feet and was transported in critical condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.  We hope for a speedy recovery.  The video was posted by walleyeking23 and description is below.

“This is the radio traffic for a fatal still and box alarm fire in Chicago on April 1st, 2016. I have included both the fire radio and the EMS transmissions. The EMS transmissions are second and do not run in real time. You will hear that the MAYDAY came over the EMS channel but was never heard over the fire radio. Due to this, a MAYDAY Alert and 2-11 Alarm were never transmitted. The wheelchair bound resident of the fire apartment was DOA. The firefighter fell down an elevator shaft and was reported to be in good condition at the time of this posting. His fall was from the second floor, landing just below the first floor’s grade.”

Chicago Fire Department_Fireground Audio_Video_Mayday_

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