Heavy Black Smoke Pouring Out From Ohio Power Plant

Below are images and an article about a power plant fire in Cheshire, Ohio.  We don’t have much more information at this time.

Ohio_Power Plant Fire_Pictures_

(Story in Full) Images Courtesy of Amy Baldridge via WCHS

WCHSTV CHESIRE, Ohio – “Emergency crews are on the scene of a fire at an AEP plant in Cheshire, Ohio.

Dispatchers said there was a fire at the Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, which is operated by AEP.

Dispatchers said at this time, it is unclear how significant the fire is or what caused it, but witnesses said thick, black smoke can be seen coming from the plant.

Witnesses said the fire started at about 1 p.m.”

Ohio_Power Plant Fire_Pictures_

Ohio_Power Plant Fire_Pictures_

(Story in Full)

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