Line of Duty Death and Cancer in The Fire Service. You are Going to Want to Watch This Video

A great piece put together by the Chicago Tribune discussing what most of us on the job know and understand.  The video will bring most of you to tears as most of us on the job have lost loved brothers or sisters.  Please share this information with everybody you know.  Attention still needs to be brought to this subject and as you will see shame on you Buffalo Grove, IL  If the video does not work please follow all the links to the Chicago Tribune for the story.

Chicago Tribune – “The CDC conducted a multiyear, large-scale study of nearly 30,000 firefighters that found higher rates of certain types of cancer among firefighters than the general U.S. population. In the series “Line of duty: Firefighters and cancer,” Pioneer Press and the Chicago Tribune explore the research into the suspected relationship between firefighting and cancer, the challenge facing area policymakers and the effect the complexities of the situation have on firefighters and their families. (Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)”

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