Must See Arrival Video of Cleveland, OH House Explosion and Fire


Post by Rhonda Lynn.

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We don’t know the poster of this video but it shows the first due Engine Co. Arriving at what was reported as a house explosion.  The video shows the communication of the fire to the two neighboring houses.


  1. I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so much in my entire life… You get out there and do it if you’re so much better and have everything figured out…

    • I will say what’s the point of putting lives in danger running hot to a call just to get there and slowly walk in circles. I feel like things could have went much better.

    • It’s always people who don’t know the first thing about someone’s job who makes comments like that.. I understand why he was irritated but he clearly has no idea what firemen/paramedics truly do, as in any career. See it everyday in our emergency room. Learn how to do their job or shut up.

  2. Agreed, he has no experience on the synthetics and now fast a house will go up! You show up,Tell dispatch and other engines, trucks what you see and plan of attack, and where you want them. Lets start with that and watch the whole block go up. The house was loss when the vid started!

  3. Agree with you.. I hate people sitting from the sidelines

  4. Seriously? It took them 4 minutes to flow water. What is there to figure out? Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff. Period. The only thought needed to be which exposure to hit first. That dosent take 4 mins. Slow crew, inexperienced operator, whatever, 4 mins to flow water is ridiculous.

  5. Dear Asshole filming,

    Do you not see the down power lines in the front yard and the street that are arching meaning LIVE WIRES??? (2 wires down, one in the driveway leading into the street and one in front of the fire engine when they park. This causes big issues for firefighters) If you think you can do better then shut your mouth and become a real man and go fight fires somewhere

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