Must See Documentary: “My last dying breath” Six Stories Of Near Death Close Calls

Video is fifty-three minutes long with six different stories of how firefighters nearly took their last dying breath in the structure. Below is a summary of the first story in the documentary. This is a must see video for all firefighters to see! Thank you Los Angeles Fire Department for taking the time to produce this!

The first of six interviews is a Los Angeles firefighter who got trapped in a structure fire. Firefighters state they were deep into the building when conditions started to detoriate rapidly. At that moment visibility and high heat conditions overcame the firefighter. Command then reported “all companies out of the building” The firefighter attempted to escape by following the hose line out, with zero visibility he was unable to  escape. The firefighter remained calm, held the nozzle in his hand and kept attempting to control the fire. The firefighter made three attempts to call a “mayday”. After taking his last breaths and saying his prayers he felt a tap on his shoulder and it was the RIT company coming to remove him. No less than 30 seconds later after exiting the structure the entire building collapsed.


Los Angeles_Fire Department_My Last Dying Breath_Video_Documentary

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