News Video: Ambulance Shortage in Chicago and Investigators Say the Mayor Needs to Intervene

CBS News video on the ambulance shortage in Chicago and staggering response times.  More on the story above in the video and below.

CBS Chicago – “For years, the 2 Investigators have been reporting on excessive Chicago ambulance response times that can endanger people with medical emergencies.

Now, in a candid interview, the city’s inspector general is calling for Mayor Emanuel to step in and do something about the problem.”

CBS Chicago

“The importance of stories like yours is it points to the consequences,” says Chicago City Inspector General Joseph Ferguson.

The standard ambulance response time should be six minutes. Yet, over the past three years, the 2 Investigators have repeatedly found response times that greatly exceed that standard. These include:

–a 16-minute response for a woman hit by a truck at the corner of Washington and LaSalle

–a 22-minute response to get to a girl shot near the 1400 block of North Sedgwick

–a 33-minute response for a senior with chest pains.”

CBS Chicago

“It should be concerning to the public,” Ferguson tells CBS 2’s Pam Zekman. “It should make one person absolutely apoplectic, and that person is the one person who can do something about this, and that’s the mayor, who can tell his fire commissioner to get into the game.”…Continue Reading Here

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