OK This Can Stop Now: 3RD Apparatus Struck in Two Days. This Time in Clinton Township, Michigan

This is getting a little ridicleous now.  This is the third incident that has been shared with us in the last two days.  There really isn’t much more to say.  Protect your firefighters on the roadways.  The members of the Clinton Township in Michigan were not operating in the roadway and were in a house providing service when their vehicle was struck.  The description on the Firefighters for a better Clinton Township FB page is below.  BE SAFE

Heres a link to the 2nd apparatus struck., and a link to the 1st apparatus struck in two days.

Clinton Township_Michigan_Apparatus Struck_Photo_

“Last night one of our trucks was rear ended while parked at a scene. The vehicle was parked with its emergency lights activated. Thankfully our members were in the house where the call was and not in or near the vehicle when it was struck. The driver of the pickup had some injuries. We would like to remind everyone to use caution while driving in changing road conditions. Also we ask that drivers slow down when approaching emergency vehicles.”

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  1. Ok, so here is my question how are we all keeping our firefighters safe on the roadways. I get the whole blocking thing to provide a safe area for those operating on the scene. That is a given. What are we doing with those unassigned in the blocking vehicle. Are they staying put or are they going up to scene? Which is safer?? Do we have them wandering around or keep them in a vehicle designed to protect them in a case of an accident?

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