Raw Video and Fireground Audio: Barrington Hills, Illinois 5 Alarm Mansion Fire

Raw video and fireground audio of a Barrington Hills, Illinois 5 Alarm Mansion Fire.  This fire also had a 3 Alarm Interdivisional Request for Tenders.  The video was posted by ShapPhoto and description is below.

“Massive fire destroys a huge mansion in Barrington Hills, IL 4/18/15 in the Barrington Countryside FPD. The story is at chicagoareafire.com and photos are at shapirophotography.net.”

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  1. Look like they had to use tanker trucks Jacob keppler

    • Yes, this area has no fire hydrants. It was a 5th alarm for tankers, a 5th alarm for suppression companies, and then 2 additional interdivisional alarms for tankers. By my count there were 20 tankers on the scene, along with 12 engine companies, 4 truck companies, and many Chiefs and other units.

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