Raw Video: Dec. 1, 1958 Our Lady Of Angels School Fire Anniversary

Raw video shots of Our Lady of Angels School Fire that occurred on December 1, 1958.  The video was posted by ChicagoFD1 and description is below.

“This video is of the fire on December 1, 1958 at the OUR LADY OF ANGLES SCHOOL grade school fire, located at 909 N. Avers. The video is in color but the footage is over 50 years old and not the best of quality.”

Here is a little more on the fire:

“The Our Lady of the Angels School Fire broke out shortly before classes were to be dismissed on Monday, December 1, 1958, in the basement near the foot of a stairway in the Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, Illinois. The elementary school was operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago and had an enrollment of approximately 1600 students. A total of 92 pupils and 3 nuns ultimately lost their lives when smoke, heat, fire, and toxic gasses cut off their normal means of escape through corridors and stairways. Many more were injured when they jumped from second-floor windows which, because the building had an “English basement,” were nearly as high as a third floor would be on level ground.

The disaster was the lead headline story in American, Canadian, and European newspapers. Pope John XXIII sent his condolences from the Vatican in Rome. The severity of the fire shocked the nation and surprised educational administrators of both public and private schools. The disaster led to major improvements in standards for school design and fire safety codes.”

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