Raw Video: Evac Tones Sound in Detroit, MI at Dwelling Fire

Raw video of a well involved fire in Detroit, Michigan.  Companies were ordered out of the building at the 1:10 Minute Mark.  The video was posted by  1st Due Media and the description is below.  Sounds like some Firefighters became disoriented while looking for the exits.

“July 8th 2015 @ 01:45 – Richton St & Lawton St
Working fire in a vacant 2 story 4 family flat that extended to 5 story vacant apartment, While crews were working inside the 4-family, the intensity of the fire grew quickly and the order was given by the Battalion Chief to get all crews out of the building and air horns were sounded. Some firefighters became lost and temporarily trapped trying to locate the exit. At least 1 firefighter ran out of air and suffered smoke inhalation. The building was now fully involved and extending to the 5 story building next door. Firefighting was also hampered by low pressure in the nearby hydrants. A 2nd alarm + special calls for 2 tower ladders and extra companies incl E-44 for more large volume hose were requested to the scene.
Box Alarm = E-40 E-39 L-17 Tac 2 Ch-5
S/C = E-42 L-7
2nd Alarm = C-203 E-17 E-34  
S/C E-44″

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