Raw Video: North Palos Fire Protection District House Fire

Raw video of a North Palos Fire Protection District Basement Fire.  Video was posted by Todd Sherman and he provides a very good description which is below.  The video captures some good Truck Co. Ops.

10-30-14 Worth,Illinois
North Palos Fire Protection District House Fire
6737 W. 114th Street

911 Call for Smoke Investigation in the Area reported by a neighbor,Firefighters Discovered Smoke Coming from a house,with fire in the basement. Initial reports were that there was possible entrapment,crews quickly did a primary search & it was negative.
The Homeowner was not home at the time of the fire.

Todd Sherman

Todd Sherman

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  1. Good truck ops on the north Palos fire? Really? They took a picture window to reveal no smoke in the room. They then took screens to clear smoke in the 3 seasons room. Then after they removed the smoke continued to remove the rest of the screens. They made the roof. Opened it up and then decided to hang out and continue to admire there work. You overhaul to search for extension. Not to break unnecessary things. You take Windows to increase visibility and release heat and steam from the building. You open the roof for the same reason. Good truck work?!?! Careful what you post!! I would say reckless unnecessary truck work. Not trying to be a jerk but this is what guys see and they think it’s right.

    Again , I appoligize but I had to say it.

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