The Old Cat Stuck in a Tree Call…Only This Time The Call Was For a 120 Lbs. Great Dane Dog Stuck in The Tree

This interesting story comes out of Nebraska where Firefighters rescued a 120 Lbs. Great Dane from 20 feet up in a tree.  We know from time to time we get the funny cat in a tree jokes and even sometimes a real call of a cat in the tree.  But a Great Dane stuck up in the tree is a first that we have heard of.  Here is more on the interesting story. – “Cats aren’t the only pets that get stuck in trees.

Just ask the firefighters who rescued a Great Dane from a high bough in rural Louisville, Nebraska, late Saturday night.

“You’re not going to believe this,” one Plattsmouth firefighter said to another after receiving the call for help about 10:10 p.m. “They said there’s a 125-pound Great Dane stuck 20 feet up in a tree.”

They weren’t the first in disbelief.

Wes McGuirk, the dog’s owner, couldn’t believe his ears and eyes when, after searching his home, yard, barn and garage for his dog, Kora, he heard a soft whining from above. McGuirk said he pointed his flashlight up the tree, “and there she was, like a little owl perched in a tree, with her eyes looking at me.”

“Yep, my Great Dane is in a tree,” he thought. He and his friends had to get cellphone pictures.

Responding deputies and firefighters also had to take cellphone shots. A video of the rescue, posted on the Facebook sites for Elmwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue and the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department, drew about 25,000 views and more than 300 shares.”…Continue Reading Here

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