Three Children Killed in Thayer, MO House Fire on 12/4/2015

Tragic news from Oregon County, MO on 12/4/2015 as three children were killed and several others were severely injured during this horrific house fire. More details and information are still coming out as authorities investigate. A  gofundme  account has been created to help the family through these difficult times. Please consider helping them out. Here is the link:

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“OREGON COUNTY, Mo. – Three children are lost their lives Friday morning when an overnight fire ripped through an Oregon County home while 11 people were inside.

The fire broke out around 3:45 a.m., at a home outside Thayer near the Arkansas state line.

In addition to taking the lives of the three children, the fire also caused several family members and first responders to suffer injuries.

Several Oregon County residents like Imogene Peace were saddened when they drove by the home Friday. In a tight-knit community, neighbors like Peace feel the need to check on others.

“[I’m] very sad, sad for the ones that lost their lives and sad because I grew up here,” Peace said.

Peace said she does not know the family who called the house home, but said it is a personal place for her.

She moved into the house when she was eight years old and raised her own children there.

“This was one of the best neighborhoods that you could raise kids in,” Peace said. “Everybody kept it clean and it was real nice. It was special to us and every time my kids come home they come through and look at the old house.”

The fire was still smoldering Friday afternoon, leading one to wonder what it was like for first responders and the family early in the morning.

The coroner pronounced a young girl dead at the scene.

A Thayer police officer and firefighter had to be treated at a local hospital for burns and smoke inhalation.

Some family members went to the hospital, and several sustained injuries that required them to be taken from the local hospital to Springfield hospitals.

Peace knows the house was once special to her, and said she will be praying for the family who has been calling it home.

“I hate to see that it’s gone but I figure the lord knows best about all things,” Peace said.

Deputies have not yet released the names of the family members.

Through a family friend, KOLR10News confirmed two sisters lived at the home with 8 children they had through separate relationships. The friend said the 11th person in the home at the time of the fire was a male companion of one of the sisters.

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