Video and Fireground Audio: Chicago Firefighters Battle a Working Fire This Past December

Video and fireground audio of Chicago Fire Department Companies battling a working fire this past December.  The video was just recently posted by Firefighter Cam and description is below.

“Hey guys! Haven’t posted a fire scene video in a long time as I haven’t really been getting around to them, or there just haven’t been many near me. I was shopping with my grandparents when this one came in and I was only 2 miles away so I took it in. Enjoy the footage. There was a fire in a story and a half ordinary construction residential structure on the second floor. Truck Co. 29’s crew went to the roof and vented a few holes as Engine Co. 68 had a line off in the front, Engine Co. 96 had a line off in the rear. Chicago Fire Department Working Fire 1438 N Mayfield 12-19-16 Companies on scene included: E96 E68 (Using Spare D540) T29 T53 BC8 RIT T35 BC18 SQD2 271 (Returned) 2-1-22 EMS A23 A63 4-5-4 Radio traffic from and some fireground audio in the background from my portable.”

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