Video: City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Downgrades Preference Points for Veterans. Candidates With Residency in the City of Milwaukee Now Receive More Points Than a Veteran

The City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission has downgraded preference points for candidates from 10 points to 3 points.  Current Milwaukee resident candidates will receive 5 preference points.  More on the story above and below.

MILWAUKEE Fox 6 — “After learning the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission has changed its hiring policy as it relates to veterans, officials with the American Legion are calling it a “downgrade” for veterans. The new process gives fewer “preference points” to those who served our country.

Veterans used to receive a 10-point bonus on the hiring scale when applying for entry-level jobs. That could’ve helped them stand apart from other candidates who haven’t served. Now, that weight has been dropped to just three points.

“Our veterans deserve better,” Daniel Seehafer, American Legion state commander said.” Photo

“After spending years dedicating their lives to serving our country, Seehafer said veterans are asking for a simple acknowledgement.

“It’s not only — this is what the vets deserve, it’s also, additionally, this is what Milwaukee deserves — the best!” Seehafer said.

Seehafer said current residents of Milwaukee now have more of an advantage than vets, receiving five “preference points” for just living in the city.

“That needs to be addressed,” Seehafer said.”…Continue Reading Here

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