Video: Greenfield, WI Firefighters Transport Man Who Went Into Cardiac Arrest While Shoveling and Return to Finish Shoveling His Driveway

City of Greenfield, WI Firefighters when above and beyond the call of duty on Feb. 1st.  A picture that has gone viral on social media shows the companies shoveling snow in the driveway.  They had just been to the home and transported a man in cardiac arrest who had been shoveling the snow.  They returned to finish shoveling for the man.  Here is more on the story.

WISN – “Greenfield firefighters and paramedics went above the call of duty Sunday.  

They received a call that someone was shoveling and had a cardiac emergency.

After they got the man to the hospital, they then returned to finish shoveling the person’s driveway.

The man’s daughter told WISN 12 News her family is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Greenfield Fire Department.

“They just saw that somebody needed help, and they took time out of their day and their busy schedules to do something like that. It’s amazing. It’s awesome,” she said.”…Continue Reading Here

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