Video: Menomonee Falls Fire Department (Waukesha County, WI Population Approx. 35,000) Goes Hours With Not a Single Piece of Fire Apparatus in Service

Video above and story below from the Local Firefighters Union about how Menomonee Falls Fire Department (Waukesha County, Wisconsin) Went Approx. 7 Hours Without a Single Piece of Firefighting Equipment in Service.  Then Later They went approx. 15 Hours (That We Know of) With only a Single Piece of Firefighting Equipment.  The Reason? Aging Equipment and Failure to Invest in a Routine Apparatus Replacement Schedule Instead Investing Money Elsewhere.  More on The Incredibly Dangerous Situation Above and Below.  If you know anybody that lives there we encourage you to make them aware and let them know they are NOT Safe Contradictory to what untrained Village Administrators Tell You.

No fire engines or ladder trucks in service!!!We hoped it wouldn’t get any worse… That dollars and politics wouldn’t win over public safety. We were wrong.As of late yesterday morning, Stations 2 (Silver Spring and Lilly) and 4 (Hwy 145 and Main St) have been closed due to vehicles being placed out of service. No local responses from these stations. But it gets worse….

AS OF 07:00AM TODAY, THE VILLAGE OF MENOMONEE FALLS HAS ZERO (0) IN SERVICE FIRE ENGINES OR TRUCKS!Due to mechanical issues all front-line fire supression vehicles are currently out of service, their personnel relocated to Station 3 (Appleton and Lilly) to join up with other crews or staff BLS ambulances.This development was an eventuality stemming from the putting-off of appropriate vehicle purchase cycles. We have mentioned this before, and it will only continue to get worse!This is not a political issue, this is a safety issue!I beg of you, please contact your elected officials and demand change, not excuses!villageboard@menomonee-falls.orgLet me say this again; There are no in-service fire engines or ladder trucks protecting the Village! Never, in the 125 year history of the fire department have we not had a single engine or ladder truck in service…***NOTE: ONE ENGINE BACK IN SERVICE AT 14:00. THIS WAS ALSO POSTED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT THE TIME.********Please see below comments, but we want to make sure everyone knows that the concerns raised are in no way meant to reflect negatively on our village mechanics. They do an amazing job working with what they’re given!*****

Update Thursday:

We wanted to provide an update regarding yesterday’s post on the lack of in service fire apparatus.

As the updated post from yesterday mentions, one (1) fire engine was placed back into service yesterday afternoon at 2:00pm. That meant that there were NO in service fire engines or ladders from 7am – 2pm (7 hours). We applaud the mechanics at the garage for getting the engine back to us so quickly!

As of this moment, Station 4 remains closed, and Station 2 is utilizing an SUV to assist with calls. THERE IS STILL ONLY ONE ENGINE IN SERVICE!

All other apparatus are out for repairs. We are hopeful the mechanics at Good Hope can work more magic to get some back in service quickly, and that they remain in service!

The response from the Village was that there is no reason for alarm, and that broken vehicles could have been used if needed. The Village also stated that MABAS would protect our citizens.
But how is it ok to continue to force the Village’s poor planning onto other communities taxpayers??? MABAS was designed for departments to help each other handle large incidents, NOT to cover a communities calls because they don’t have spare vehicles and their fleet is mostly over 10-15 years old!!!

I hope to work with the Village in any way possible to bring resolution to both our vehicle problem, and our staffing problem!


Many news stories covering the issue yesterday, a thank you to CBS 58, TODAY’S TMJ4, and FOX6 News Milwaukee for helping to bring attention.

A special thank you to Rebecca Klopf for her work as part of her report, checking each fire station to verify our concerns were true and providing that to the public.

Video above Fox 6 News

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