Video: Traverse City, Michigan Firefighter Saves His Own Daughters Life

A great news story from Michigan where a Traverse City Firefighter saved his own daughters life who was having an asthma attack and eventually went into full respiratory arrest.

(WPBN/WGTU) — “This past week, a Traverse City firefighter was faced with what could have been a tragic situation, his own daughter stopped breathing, but thanks to something he knew and the help of fellow firefighters, they were able to save her.

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Jeffrey Ballard was on the way to the hospital when his eight year old daughter became unconscious in the car, and he knew how he handled the next couple of minutes would be life changing.

“She said, ‘dad you know I’m having really hard time breathing, dad I can’t breathe’,” said TCFD firefighter and paramedic, Jeffrey Ballard.

His eight year old daughter suffers from asthma and started having complications last week.

Monday morning he began rushing her to Munson Medical Center, but they live 20 minutes away.

“At the halfway point, at that stop sign she went unconscious,” said Ballard. “Complete respiratory arrest, stopped breathing completely. “She said, ‘daddy, help me’ and then just slumped over.”…Continue Reading Here

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