Video With Some Fireground Audio of the Massive Apartment Fire in Bayside, WI Where North Shore Fire Companies Made 15-20 Rescues

Video posted by Milwaukee Fire Wire shows companies working the fire and you can hear some audio of rescues being made by the North Shore Fire Companies.  Description is below.

“The North Shore Fire Department was alerted to White Oak Lane in Bayside, WI after a 911 call was made. Soon after, Bayside Police confirmed “heavy fire at least 10ft from the rear”. More than 14 people were rescued from their apartments and many more assisted for non life threatening injuries. Due to a water supply issue, the fire quickly spread. Without the outstanding work done by crews on scene, this fire could of ended up much worse. Operations/Command did a great job as well as the support crews assisting in locating the residents and getting them the care they need. There is not cause of the fire confirmed at the time of this upload. For more information, check the North Shore Fire/Rescue Facebook page. NORTH SHORE FIRE/RESCUE Car 80 (Chaplain) Car 81 (Fire Chief) Car 82 (Assistant Chief) Car 83 (EMS Officer, EMS Operations) Battalion 8 Engine 81 Engine 84 Engine 85 Truck 82 Truck 83 Tender 81 Med 81 Med 82 Med 83 Ambulance 85 MILWAUKEE FIRE DEPT. Battalion 1 Battalion 2 Battalion 5 Battalion 7 Engine 18 Engine 30 Engine 36 Engine 37 Engine 38 Engine 39 Engine 8 Engine 9 Truck 7 Truck 5 Rescue 2 Med 16 Med 19 Med 4 Med 7 ADDITIONAL FIRE DEPARTMENTS -Tenders from Germantown, Thiensville, Grafton, Menominee Falls, Cedarburg, and Mequon Fire Departments. -‘Change of Quarters’ and coverage by Wauwatosa, West Allis, Cedurburg and ParaTech. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Bayside & Foxpoint Police Milwaukee Fire Bell Club (Canteen/Rehab) Wisconsin Red Cross(Shelter/Temporary Housing).”

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