Wind Driven Fire Goes to 3rd Alarm in Buffalo, NY

Raw video of Buffalo Fire Department working a pretty intense fire during some windy conditions today. Video posted by Michael Norman. Here is his description of the scene: “A house fire that took place on Crestwood that was quite intense. I work in the building that backs up to the ally at MVP Network Consulting. No serious injuries, thank God. But the houses seem to be total losses. In this video you can see the family exiting. It’s an eye opener thinking that you could be in a house in this condition and not fully realize the gravity until a fire fighter pounds down your door”.

Buffalo Fire Department_House Fire_Raw Video_Wind Driven Fire


Heres a photo taken by Paul Boozer Lawton of a vehicle parked in by a wicked awesome choker from Buffalo!

Buffalo Fire Department_Fire Truck_Buffalo Fire Truck

Photo Courtesy of Paul Lawton


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