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Welcome to Chicago Fire Wire firefighter jobs recruitment and firefighter resources network.  Chicago Fire Wire jobs is the premier place to find local and regional employment opportunities. This FREE resource has been developed to ensure that you don’t ever miss a firefighter job again. We feel this website is a great opportunity for new firefighters and existing firefighters to come and enjoy this free resource. Instead of paying $8.00 a month to a fire recruiting website you can just stop here. Please share this page with your friends so they can join you in every testing process.  Below you will find links to the different resources that are currently available. We are constantly updating pages, articles fire academies and new jobs daily. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute to the website please contact us.




  1. Alana J Locallo

    I would love to work for CFD:)

  2. Tavarus Warfield

    it would be an honor to work for the fire department I would enjoy saving people life and everything else a fire fighter does to keep people safe.

  3. It’d be an absolute privilege and the highest of honors bestowed upon me if I were allowed to be a Fire-Fighter of Chicago’s Fire Department as it seeks to preserve life, provide safety for all within its boundaries, and encourage their participation in promoting secure living.

  4. How can I join the Chicago Fire Department Team then what do I need to bring.


    CFD tested in December of 2014. Supposedly it is a 3 yr test

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