Beaver Dam Fire – Firefighter/Paramedic – Deadline: December 10, 2020

Fire Department
Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue
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City of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Class Specification: E – 3
REPORTS TO: Career Captain – Shift CommanderPRIMARY DEPT: Fire
WORK PROFILE: Public Safety
REVISED: 06/02/20

Primary Job Elements:
• Operates all apparatus with efficiency in emergency and non-emergency situations
• Operates fire pumps, aerial ladders, and all apparatus support equipment with efficiency
• Makes decisions regarding fire suppression methods to be used
• Responds to emergency situations to perform fire suppression and rescue duties
• Uses power and hand tools to ventilate burning buildings and perform forcible entry
• Assists with salvage, overhaul, cleanup and evacuation activities as necessary
• Assists in the laying of hose lines, directing water streams
• Assists in placing ladders to ventilate buildings, aid suppression and salvage operations
• Assists with vehicle extrication at automobile accidents
• Attends training and meetings to remain current on fire suppression, rescue methods and EMT skills
• Maintains all apparatus including preventative maintenance and light repairs
• Maintains all apparatus equipment including SCBA
• Maintains facility and facility equipment including generators and compressors
• Maintains all medical equipment
• Inspects and maintains all personal protective equipment
• Responds to medical emergencies
• Performs rescue and life saving emergency medical care
• Conducts fire inspections of buildings – enforcing local fire ordinances and state laws
• Prepares pre-fire plans for buildings to aid expediting fire suppression

Secondary Job Elements:
• Assists with public fire prevention and education programs
• Assists with public relation events
• Assists with fire hose testing
• Documentation of fire and medical emergency incidents
• General clerical/administrative work
• Efficient in communication skills with the use of radios
• Uses special knowledge and skills to deal with hazardous or life threatening situations, including those associated with: 1) the storage and transportation of flammable liquids, gases, toxic chemicals, petroleum products and other combustible materials; 2) vehicle roadway collisions, aircraft and railroad accidents, water and ice rescue, construction site accidents, confined space rescue, and other similar medical treatment emergencies; 3) all types of conditions and events that produce fire; and 4) behavioral characteristics associated with different kinds of fires
• Promotes positive department image through positive public personal conduct
• Other duties as requested

Minimum Educational and Job Experience Requirements:
• High school diploma or equivalent
• One year firefighting experience
• Valid Wisconsin driver’s license
• Valid Wisconsin paramedic license
• Firefighter
• Valid CPR certification

Required in first year
• Firefighter II certification*

Required in second year*
• Driver Operator Pumper certification*

Required in third year*
• Driver Operator Aerial certification or completed during the first year of employment*
• Fire Inspector certification or completed during the first year of employment*

*= or next available Moraine Park Technical College course

Abilities Required:
• Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions
• Ability to clearly communicate information both verbally and in writing
• Ability to climb ladders without fear of heights
• Ability to use self-contained breathing apparatus without claustrophobia
• Decision making ability under stress
• Following and implementing orders under stress
• Ability to work effectively with department co-workers, other department employees and the public
• Ability to perform emergency tasks and/or training which involves the performance of physically demanding work. Physically demanding work involves some combination of walking, running, climbing or jumping. It may also involve lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling moderately and/or heavy objects, materials and/or people.
• Also refer to the Career Captain – Shift Commander Physical Demands Form

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