Job Opportunity: City of Atlanta Fire Department Begins Taking Applications March 20th

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Minimum Qualifications

All individuals applying for employment with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) must meet the following conditions:

  • ï‚·  Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • ï‚·  Must be 18 years of age or older
  • ï‚·  Possess a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • ï‚·  High School Diploma, GED or equivalent recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • ï‚·  Must have an acceptable 3 year driving record
  • ï‚·  Successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), oral panel interview, ASSET examination, background investigation, Captain’s Interview (Background and Recruitment Supervisor), psychometric examination, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, and a medical examination.
  • ï‚·  Candidates are required to successfully complete the Atlanta Fire Rescue Training Academy. The 11 month program consists of intense Physical Fitness training that involves both Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Fire curriculums.
  • ï‚·  Six (6) months of training are to become a certified EMT. Recruits must pass the
    EMT – Advanced (EMT-A) examination and pass the National Registry of EMT’s written
    and practical test. The other 5- months are to become a certified Georgia Firefighter and a NPQ Firefighter II, which is a national certification.
  • ï‚·  Once appointed to the sworn position of Firefighter, must obtain a Georgia Class E Driver’s License within 18 months.
  • ï‚·  Must also maintain continuous certification as a Georgia Firefighter and EMT-A.
    I have read and understand the positon requirements and minimum qualifications, and if hired, am willing

    to comply with all requirements listed therein.

    Applicant’s Signature _______________________________________ Date ___________________ Print Name: _______________________________________________________________________ 03/13/2015 2

Special Requirements

Other Requirements

Employment Disqualifiers

All applicants for employment with AFRD are subject to a thorough background investigation to verify the accuracy of statements provided within the application. While the AFRD reviews much information and considers the circumstances in many areas regarding an applicant’s background, the following factors are some of those that will disqualify applicants from consideration:

  • ï‚·  Intentionally falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting pertinent information while completing the employment application, preliminary interview questionnaires, polygraph or any other pre-employment document (s).
  • ï‚·  Any felony conviction.
  • ï‚·  Any outstanding criminal charge pending adjudication.
  • ï‚·  Conviction of (2) or more misdemeanors within 3 years prior to application.
  • ï‚·  Any discharge from military service, which is less than “honorable.”
  • ï‚·  Use of illegal drugs in violation of AFRD Pre-employment Drug Policy
  • ï‚·  A driver’s license that is currently suspended, revoked or expired.
  • ï‚·  One (1) or more DUI convictions within 3 years prior to application.
  • ï‚·  No more than (6) points accumulation against current driving record.
  • ï‚·  Three (3) or more moving violations within 3 years prior to application.
  • ï‚·  Current probation or parole status.

Applications can be downloaded and printed here.

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