Deputy Fire Chief: Wausau Wisconsin Deadline January 10, 2016

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Deputy Fire Chief

Deadline: January 10, 2016

Salary: $62,233.60 – $77,792.00 Annually

Job Description:

The purpose of this position is to perform executive level duties for the Wausau Fire Department. The Deputy Chief will assist the Fire Chief in planning, organizing and directing the operation of the Wausau Fire Department. This position is a critical assistant and advisor to the Fire Chief. The incumbent is the designee in the absence of the Fire Chief.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Serves as adviser to the Chief on operational issues, safety issues, organizational problems, budget, contract negotiations, disciplinary actions, promotional processes, hiring processes, and other executive level areas as assigned.

•   Directs the day-to-day operations of the Fire Operations division by conferring with the Battalion Chiefs to assure consistency of responses and operations. Evaluates the performance of the Battalion Chiefs and actively works to improve their performance and the performance of their shift.

•   Oversee the activities of the Fire Inspections Division through the Fire Marshal to assure consistency of operation in fire inspections, fire investigations, and public fire education. Ensure the protection of life and property; evaluate pre-incident plans.

•   Serves as liaison between various stakeholders to include community groups, fire departments, other City departments, elected official, the media, etc. positively advocating and advancing the mission of the Department through cooperative and collaborative partnerships.

•   Serves as a management representative on the collective bargaining team, conducting research and coordinating with the City’s Chief Labor Negotiator as appropriate. Oversees contract administration, processes grievances and disputes that cannot be resolved by the shift commanders. Provides departmental support for mediation and arbitration proceedings.

•   Develop, manage and evaluate department health and safety program; develop a measurable accident and injury prevention program.

•   Responds and serves as an incident commander at significant incidents managed under ICS.

•   Assures that significant events are reviewed for lessons learned, and evaluates the effectiveness and safety of operations following significant events.

•   Responsible for departmental training and outcomes of training to assure personnel are competent to perform the emergency and non-emergency duties they are assigned.

•   Designated as the project manager for all aspects of accreditation and strategic planning; oversees the overall execution of all components for both initiatives. Plans, prepares and provides progress reports to the Chief to ensure the appropriate flow of information.

•   Actively participates in the promotional and hiring processes and promotes professional development of members.

•   Maintains regular contact with all personnel of the department and observes the services they provide, both emergency and non-emergency. Evaluates all services provided by the department and implements changes in policies and procedures needed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of both emergency and non-emergency services.

•   Serves as the operations manager for the day-to-day budget administration; ensures all aspects of department operations are conducted within the budget process. Provides monthly status reports to the Chief; Confers with the Chief on unusual budgetary issues. Assists the Chief in planning, documenting and preparing the annual budget request and modifications as necessary. Maintains cooperative relationship with the Finance Department to ensure the budget is administered within the confines of City of Wausau guidelines and procurement policies.; direct the operation of an agency records management system; analyze and interpret records and data; develop a resource deployment plan.

•   Participates in local, state, regional or national professional organizations and planning committees.

•   Guide/direct an interagency committee or team effort. Serve as organizational liaison with other agencies. Participate in the planning and implementation of community events.

•   Participate in emergency management planning and activities for mitigation and recovery.

•   Prepare or assist with the preparation of instructional/informational material for publication/presentations; make presentations.

•   Assess and analyze unique community risks and emerging issues.

•   Creates, oversees, coordinates and manages the Standard Operating Procedures of the Department.

•   Demonstrate strong, positive leadership serving as a role model for other Department members.


•   Performs the duties of the Fire Chief in his or her absence.

•   Proficient working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

•   Assures that required certifications, training, and licenses are maintained for all personnel.

•   Procures grants for equipment and departmental programs to provide programs not available through the budgetary process and/or to relieve some departmental expenditures from local taxes.

•   Coordinates public requests for stand-by assignments, educational programs, and/or promotional appearances.

•   Responsible for assessing training needs, coordinating and/or conducting training and assuring that training is being documented and detailed appropriately.

•   Assures participation in the Departments health and wellness program.

•   Performs various duties as assigned.

•   Ability to wear a respirator/SCBA.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in fire science or related field and five to seven years of fire service supervisory experience including at least three (3) years’ experience as an executive officer preferred.  Associate degree in fire science or related field with additional experience will be considered.  The City of Wausau may provide incentives for completion of Bachelor’s degree, and may require pursuit and completion of Bachelor’s degree as condition of appointment to this position.

The following are also required for the position:

•   State of Wisconsin Fire Officer certification

•   Emergency Services Instructor

•   State of Wisconsin Fire Inspector I certification

•   State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician-Basic licensure

•   Hazardous Materials Incident Command certification

•   Incident Safety Officer Certification

•   National Incident Management System 700, 800, 100, 200, 300, 400 certifications

Additional Information:


IMPORTANT! All applications must completely filled out and have a Cover Letter and Resume attached in the “Attachments” section of the application. Applications that are not complete and do not have the required attachments will not be considered.


The City of Wausau will make arrangements to furnish appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary and reasonable to afford an individual with a disability the opportunity to participate in the recruitment process. Please notify the Human Resources Department or phone (715) 261-6630 to request special accommodations prior to the application deadline.


Wisconsin Statutes, Sections 19.36 (7), 64.09 (5), and 64.11 (7) require public employers to treat the following items as a public record: Each applicant’s application, records, recommendations and qualifications except as provided in Section 19.36 (7), Wis. Stats. that allows the identity of an applicant to remain confidential if the applicant requests in writing that the City not provide access to this information.

If you choose not to have this information become a public record, you must make such a request in writing to the Human Resources Department. If you become a finalist for the position, your identity may be disclosed as required by law.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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