Fire Chief: Bellevue Wisconsin Deadline: February 26, 2016


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Fire Chief

Deadline: February 29, 2016

Job Description:

The Fire Chief is responsible for the overall operations and management of the Fire Department. The work involves supervising subordinate Fire Department staff, managing physical facilities and equipment, promoting fire prevention, developing and improving the Village firefighting methods and techniques of firefighting and fire prevention, and making decisions regarding changes in procedures and organization. This is a department head position and shall serve as a member of the Village Executive Leadership Team. The Fire Chief shall also serve as the Village Emergency Management Director.

This job description shall in no way supersede State Statutes or the authority granted to the Village Fire Commission with responsibilities related to this position. Per department Standard Operating Procedures, this description shall be provided within the Operations Manual for the department. Upon adoption, this description shall supersede any descriptions for this position previously approved.


Fire Department Operations

  • Supervises and directs all Fire Department operations.
  • Develops fire prevention plans and strategies to minimize life and property loss due to fires and other


  • Responds to all major alarms and personally directs firefighting operations as necessary.
  • Directs the preparation of specifications for apparatus, equipment, fire station facilities and locations.
  • Develops and monitors policies and procedures for the Department and administers policies


  • Participates in state, regional and local fire service organizations.
  • Plans, approves and implements new programs and service levels.
  • Supervises contractors who provide emergency medical service to the Village (i.e. County Rescue).
  • Per Ordinance, the Fire Chief submits an annual report to the Administrator and Village Board.
  • Serves as a member of the Village’s management team and attends and participates in Village meetings

and other Board, Commission meetings as requested.

  • Serves as a member of the Village’s development review team as assigned.

Team Management

  • Serves as Emergency Management Director for the Village and maintains the Village Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), the Village Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and provides coordination with the County Emergency Management Director.
  • Supervises department staff to ensure programs are being carried out effectively.
  • Directs, supervises and participates in employee recruitment, testing and hiring and develops

promotional guidelines under the approval of the Fire Commission as directed by State Statute.

  • Directs the training of firefighters in methods of fire suppression, operations, rescue, hazardous

material, fire prevention inspections, investigation, building plan review, public education and uses of


  • Directs and oversees all department operations; establishes operating guidelines, policies and

procedures for the department for incident response; develops and monitors department budget and

oversees expenditures.

  • Responsible for assuring all public safety inspection requirements are met.
  • Plans, directs and participates in Command Staff professional growth and development.
  • Provides employee counseling in the areas of professional and personal growth and problem solving.

Financial Management

    • Prepares the annual fire department budget and capital improvement plans.
    • Meets with vendors and recommends purchases. Oversee maintenance and repair of apparatus,

equipment and facilities within budget parameters.

    • Determines staffing, service levels, and budgetary needs for future considerations.

Community & Board Relations

      • Interacts with the public in regards to fire prevention, fire protection and other fire related issues.
      • Responds to citizen requests and complaints concerning fire department programs and facilities.
      • Responsible for enforcing all fire prevention ordinances of the Village of Bellevue and State laws and

regulations pertaining to fire prevention.

      • Maintains professional and cooperative relationship with other municipal officials, community

organizations, state and local entities and the public.

      • Attends Village Board and various committee meetings as required.


        • Assists and directs department personnel as necessary in the overall emergency management planning, operations and training for the Village including compliance with NIMS and ICS protocols.
        • Maintains regular punctual and predictable attendance, works overtime and extra hours as required.
        • Performs related work as assigned.


  • Extensive knowledge of modern firefighting methods, equipment and applicable firefighting practices.
  • Extensive knowledge of the methods and practices of fire administration and management.
  • Extensive knowledge of policies, rules and regulations, SOG’s of the Fire Department and the Village.
  • Knowledge of the Village water system as related to fire prevention and hydraulics.
  • Ability to delegate authority to appropriate staff subordinates monitoring adherence to established fire policies and departmental procedures.
  • Ability to analyze the effectiveness of the department, and to correlate its development with changing conditions in the Village.
  • Ability to plan, assign and direct the work of a number of subordinate operating units.
  • Ability to effectively direct the operations of personnel and equipment under emergency conditions.
  • Ability to evaluate staff subordinates in a fair and equitable manner; recommending commendations and administering discipline as necessary.
  • Ability to analyze fire problems and formulate policies and procedures as appropriate.
  • Ability to offer budgetary recommendations within the guidelines of the Village structure; ability to support and defend the recommended operating budget and capital requests of the department.
  • Skill in dealing with the public and departmental personnel firmly and courteously, and to establish effective working relationships with the public, news media, Village officials, employees, outside agencies and others.
  • Skill in the preparation and interpretation of complex oral and written communication; skill in all aspects of public speaking.
  • Proficient computer skills (i.e. Microsoft Office, Fire House, Internet).


Duties may require an employee to work under extreme weather conditions and in environmental conditions of work site and may be exposed to hazardous work environments and personal danger. Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to communicate effectively. Sufficient vision, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to participate in a wide variety of assignments on-site and review a variety of written materials. Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to operate a vehicle and computerized equipment. Sufficient personal mobility, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to provide oversight of department response activities. Work performed outdoors as well as in an office setting.


The following is required at time of hire for this position unless noted.

  • ï‚ High School diploma or equivalent
  • ï‚ Associates degree (or higher) in Fire Science, Fire Protection or related field
  • ï‚ Valid unrestricted WI driver’s license
  • ï‚ Minimum seven years operations experience
  • ï‚ Minimum three years fire operations officer experience
  • ï‚ Incident Command System (ICS) 100/200/700
  • ï‚ Incident Command System (ICS) 300/400/800 (within two years)
  • ï‚ State Certified Firefighter II (or equivalency from other state)
  • ï‚ State Certified Fire Officer I (or equivalency from other state)
  • ï‚ Incident Safety Officer (Certificate of Completion) (within two years)

Preferred Education, Training and Experience (preferred for any applicant and current employee):

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration,FireScience,Public Admin or related field
  • Executive Fire Officer Training (National Fire Academy) or Chief Fire Officer Designation
  • State Certified Driver/Operator-Pumper (or equivalency from other state)
  • State Certified Driver/Operator-Aerial (or equivalency from other state)
  • Entry Level Aerial
  • State Certified Fire Officer II (or equivalency from other state)
  • State Certified Fire Inspector I (or equivalency from other state)
  • State Certified Emergency Services Instructor I (or equivalency from other state)

Desired Education, Training and Experience (not required for this position, but acknowledged as valuable for the position/department):

  • Minimum two years EMSexperience
  • State Certified First Responder-EMR (or equivalency from other state)
  • State Certified EMT-Basic (or equivalency from other state)
  • WIEMT-Intermediate or Paramedic (or equivalency from other state)
  • Emergency Services Instructor I (Certificate of Completion)

How to Apply: To apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume by mail or email (preferred) no later than

February 29, 2016 to:

Jeffrey R. Roemer
RW Management Group, Inc.
1334 Applewood Dr.
Menasha, WI 54952
Email: Phone: (920) 727-1000

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