Fire Chief: Eau Claire Wisconsin Deadline: June 29, 2016


Fire Chief

Deadline: June 29, 2016

Salary: $97,056.96 – $113,049.25 Annually

Job Description:


The City of Eau Claire is seeking an individual qualified to lead the Eau Claire Fire Department consisting of 97 employees and an annual budget of 11 million dollars.

Candidates for the position should possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in fire administration, management or related field, preferably supplemented by current management level training including the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program or equivalent certification. A master’s degree is preferred. To qualify, the candidate should have at least ten years of progressively responsible municipal fire department experience, of which at least four years must be in a supervisory capacity. Experience should include fire suppression, fire investigation, EMS, budgeting, supervision, planning, disaster preparedness, personnel administration, labor relations and community relations. Experience in a city with a major university is desirable.

Salary range is $97,056 to $113,049 annually, with the potential for additional performance based pay, plus an excellent benefit package.

For more information with regard to the Fire Chief position and the City of Eau Claire, please see the following links:

PROFILE of the Eau Claire Fire Department

2015 Annual Report


Applicants must submit the following to be considered an applicant for the Fire Chief position:

Required Submissions

1)  Online Application

2)  Letter of Interest

3)  Resume

4)  Completed Management Assessment Questionnaire.  Please submit a typewritten response to the questions on the Management Assessment Questionnaire. (CLICK HERE for the form.)

5)  Signed Authorization for Release of Information.  (CLICK HERE for the form.)

6)  Signed Public Records Release Authorization.  (CLICK HERE for the form.)

The completed documents for items 4 through 6 above may be attached to the online application, e-mailed to, or printed and mailed to Human Resources, PO Box 5148, Eau Claire, WI  54702-5148.  The documents must be received by the application deadline of JUNE 29, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Riepl, Human Resources Department, at 715-839-4921.



This position is responsible for the administration and direction of all fire, emergency medical, and prevention personnel for a municipal fire department in the protection of life and property from fires and other unforeseen emergency incidents.


This position reports to the City Manager.  The incumbent’s role is to develop and direct the personnel and establish goals and objectives of a municipal fire department.  In this function, the incumbent directs, coordinates and evaluates the actions of several operational areas including, but not limited to:  firefighting, fire prevention, emergency medical response, hazardous material incidents response, technical rescue, collapse, high-angle and confined space rescue, auto and industrial entrapments.

Through his/her staff, the incumbent is responsible for the direction of all firefighting, technical rescue, fire prevention activities and Emergency Medical Services in the protection of life and property from fires, life threatening, medical and other unforeseen emergencies.  This operation requires a broad knowledge of modern firefighting techniques, personnel, equipment distribution and utilization.  Responds to emergencies and at his/her discretion, directs operations of personnel at the scene of larger fires and other emergency situations.  The incumbent devotes considerable time and attention in this area, particularly in the formulation of policy, plans and the implementation of modern firefighting, rescue, equipment and methods.

Education and Training

Through his/her staff, the incumbent conducts supervisory and non-supervisory skill training sessions.  The training develops skills above the basic level and involves formal and practical job instruction.  Training guides, texts and full training programs are developed and utilized by this staff.

Fire Inspection/Prevention

Through his/her staff, the incumbent directs the code enforcement and inspection of buildings and other properties for fire hazard, enforces fire prevention regulations and takes action to secure abatement of fire hazards.  Considerable time and attention are devoted to investigating the cause and circumstances of fires to detect their origins.

The incumbent keeps abreast of the local and State Building and Fire Prevention Codes and other such related codes to assure that the municipal fire department regulations and enforcement are the same.

Through his/her staff, the incumbent is responsible for developing and administering a public relations program with all educational institutions and the general public.  This function includes appearances and presentations before the business community, educational institutions and local residents.  The intent of the program is to elicit community support and citizen participation in crime prevention.

Equipment Maintenance

Through his/her staff, the incumbent directs the installation, maintenance and repair of fire equipment and apparatus and installation of fire communications equipment.


The incumbent confers with the supervisor in charge of each of the above operations as necessary, solving necessary problems, determining policy and maintaining his personal knowledge of current operations.  A major concern of this position is to effect efficient use of personnel and equipment in carrying out firefighting activities.

As a result of the incumbent’s direction and administration of the Education and Training Programs, he/she has a significant impact on the professional development of fire personnel in the preservation of life and property from fire hazards.  He/she utilizes the most modern developments in firefighting techniques, firefighting apparatus, emergency medical services and principles of municipal fire department administration.

Outside Opportunities

The incumbent is encouraged to be an active member of Federal and State Fire Chief’s associations to assure the most effective use of fire personnel, equipment and operations.

Shared Services

Maintains a positive relationship with community partners and surrounding municipalities to promote shared services for the area.  Participates in regional service delivery planning opportunities. Maintains regular contact with area partners to establish new collaborative opportunities while maintaining and expanding existing relationships.

Position Evaluation

As a participating member of the Job Evaluation Committee, the incumbent’s responsibilities include the accurate and objective appraisal of positions reviewed.  The exactness of the evaluation process is critical to City employee morale, recruitment and retention efforts.


Develops and administers departmental operations of a municipal Fire Department ensuring the improvement of work methods and the enforcement of rules and regulations.

Designates and assigns personnel and equipment to such duties and uses as the service requires in the protection of life and property from fire and other hazards.

Controls the maintenance of equipment and buildings and evaluates the need for and requisitions new apparatus and supplies.

Directs the investigation of the causes and circumstances of fires.

Directs the inspection of buildings and other properties for potential fire hazards and initiates the necessary action to abate such hazards.

Directs the operation of emergency medical services in the Fire Department.

Directs the operation of departmental in-service training of personnel.

Responsible for recommending hires, terminations, salary increases and promotions.

Guides planning and implementation of programs to achieve departmental goals and objectives.

Interacts with all municipal departments, agencies and elected officials in the carrying out of his/her duties.

Maintains a positive relationship with surrounding fire officials with regard to mutual aid agreements.

Prepares and receives a wide range of reports and correspondence.

Develops the annual Fire Department budget and oversees annual Department expenditures.

Interviews, hires and promotes members of the Department with the approval of the Police and Fire Commission.

Insures departmental compliance with Federal, State and local laws and ordinances.


Performs related duties as required.


Bachelor’s degree in fire administration, management or related field required.  Current management level training including the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program or equivalent certification, and a master’s degree is preferred.  A minimum of ten years of progressively responsible municipal fire department experience preferred, of which at least four years must be in a supervisory capacity.


City Manager


All Fire Department personnel


Mostly sedentary; position requires sitting, occasional standing, occasional walking, extensive computer usage.  Position may, at times, be on an active fire ground or close to emergency/dangerous situations.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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