Fire Chief: Santa Monica California Deadline January 3, 2016

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Fire Chief

Deadline: January 3, 2016

Salary: $219,972 – $271,572 Per Year

Job Description:

In changing times, the City is seeking a collaborative and innovative

leader who will make a long-term commitment to the goal of ensuring

Santa Monica remains a model on the cutting edge of emergency

response. The individual selected will embrace the SMFD’s 127 year-old

foundation of enhancing extraordinary customer service. He/she will have

a track record of decisive leadership in charting strategic change and will

respect the values of a successful department, including a tradition of


The new chief will be forward thinking, working to assess evolving service

demands. In the short-term, the City will be impacted by expanded public

transportation; a growing visitor population; new and taller development;

and the need to reduce chronic homelessness which is generating a

growing share of emergency responses. The City will look to the new Chief

to foster an empowered workforce and inspire the design of pioneering

solutions now and in the future.

Santa Monica is strongly committed to broadening the diversity of the staff

and leadership of the department. Fostering this will be an ongoing high

priority, consistent with Santa Monica’s core values and culture.

The leader of the SMFD must be comfortable with forging a strong and

visible presence in the field as well as throughout the community. Given

that Santa Monica is a highly engaged community, he/she shall have the

proven ability to be effective working with a wide array of stakeholders. The

ideal candidate will be a direct, articulate and credible communicator who

is sensitive to diverse audiences. Extraordinary interpersonal skills with the

proven ability to establish and maintain communications and connectivity

throughout an entire department will be expected.

Character counts. A consistent reputation for establishing and maintaining

trust and credibility will be critical to the next chief’s success. The ideal

candidate should be a role model in the profession whose career is

defined by a superior work ethic and exemplary integrity. The City and

the Department seek a Chief who is not driven by ego and leads with

the best interest of the fire service at heart. The ideal candidate will

have the demonstrated ability to strengthen and maintain a harmonious

organizational culture of mutual respect. A history of maintaining open,

productive and consistent relationships with organized labor will be

expected along with an ongoing awareness of morale and concern for the

health of the organization.

Santa Monica’s Fire Chief must be equally committed to advancing the

goals of the department and the entire organization. The individual selected

will be a team player who is dedicated to group as well as individual

success. To that end, he/she will have a history of building and maintaining

good working relationships with peers and colleagues inside and outside

the fire service.

He/she will be a highly capable people manager who inspires and

empowers individuals to be their best. This contemporary leader will be

open to the ideas and opinions of others in the interest of arriving at the

best solutions. Succession planning will be an important priority for the

new Fire Chief. To that end, he/she will be expected to be an enthusiastic

mentor with an impressive track record of developing future managers and


The ideal candidate’s professional history will reflect steady career

progression and a strong balance of operational and administrative

leadership and strategic planning. Graduation from an accredited college

or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science, Technology or

Administration; Public or Business Administration; or related field along

with six years of progressively responsible experience administering and

managing emergency and non-emergency activities in a Fire Department

are required. At least three years of the required experience must have

been as a Chief Officer.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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