Fire Inspector II: Clearwater, Florida Deadline September 24, 2015

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Fire Inspector II

Deadline: September 24, 2015

Salary: $55,570.10 – $71,217.67 Annually

Job Description:

Technical, field and office inspection work of more than ordinary difficulty and responsibility. Duties include inspection new and existing buildings, structures and properties on a regular basis to ensure compliance with applicable fire and life safety codes and ordinances; initiating correspondence regarding code compliance issues; issuing and revoking permits; reviewing plans, sketches, blueprints and specifications of buildings; maintaining accurate fire inspection records and reports; and conducting Fire Investigations. Work involves considerable public contact and requires the ability to deal with public relations issues in a professional, tactful and courteous way.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Reviews and approves construction plans for fire code compliance. Inspects and analyzes new and existing structures and properties for construction, occupancy, and fire protection compliance with applicable fire and life safety codes and ordinances. Recommends, advises and confers with engineers, architects, contractors, property owners and/or tenants verbally and by correspondence regarding code compliance issues. Conducts construction plans and blueprint reviews. Issues and revokes permits. Conducts fire investigations and participates in arson investigations, including gathering evidence from the scene and interviewing witnesses and suspects. Reviews plans for all commercial and multi-residential structures, such as those intended for use as multiple-occupancy dwellings and places of public assembly and use, and inspects such buildings during the course of construction for compliance with fire prevention ordinances. Keeps records and makes reports. Participates in public education activities. May assist in supervising, training, and evaluating the performance of assigned subordinate inspection personnel. Performs related tasks as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

High School graduation or G.E.D. Certificate, supplemented by at least four (4) applicable Fire Officership courses, dealing with fire prevention, fire hazards, and fire codes and ordinances. Candidate must also have three (3) years of experience in active firefighting and three (3) years experience in Fire Prevention, and must possess valid State of Florida Firefighter Certification, Fire Inspector Certificate and valid State of Florida driver’s license.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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