Fire Protection Specialist I: Compton California Deadline October 13, 2015

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Fire Protection Specialist I

Deadline: October 13, 2015

Salary: $51,324.00 – $60,192.00 Annually

Job Description:


Under general supervision, to perform the full range of fire protection and prevention duties in a training, learning and assisting capacity; to inspect for fire and life hazards; to enforce all applicable codes, regulations and ordinances for the prevention of fire and for the protection of life and property against fire and panic; to participate in the review of plans of new or remodeled structures for compliance with fire safety requirements; to enforce a variety of codes, laws and abatement procedures; and to do related work as required.


Works under the general supervision of the Fire Marshal; does not exercise supervisory responsibilities.


In a training, learning and assisting capacity, performs all of the normally assigned duties of a Fire Protection Specialist II; assumes responsibility for a wide variety of fire prevention activities of the department; inspects commercial and industrial buildings, schools and related structures and facilities; participates in the review of building plans for conformance with fire protection laws and regulations and for possible fire hazards; investigates complaints from private citizens and other City departments relating to fire and safety hazards; provides technical advice regarding the installation and maintenance of fire prevention equipment; speaks before school groups and other organizations on fire prevention matters; confers with supervisor regarding overall departmental fire prevention and inspection programs; maintains required records and prepares reports; issues correction notices and citations; prepares publicity on fire safety; may assist in determining the cause and origin of fires and prepares reports of same; may interview fire witnesses and victims; collects and preserves evidence; estimates fire losses; assists in preparing criminal fire cases; processes State Fire Marshal and Department of Social Services fire clearance requests; processes business license applications for fire clearances.


Education: Completion of college level course work in Fire Science and Fire Prevention is desirable.

Experience:   Prior code inspection experience is desirable.

Knowledge of:  Basic principles, practices and procedures of modern fire prevention and inspection techniques; general rules and regulations of the Fire Department; general operation and capabilities of types of Fire Department apparatus and the ability to apply this knowledge of fire prevention situations; basic local, State and National Safety codes, ordinances and laws relating to fire prevention; building materials and construction and the principles of heat travel and combustion.

Ability to:  Learn to work without direct supervision and make independent decisions in the field, keeping in mind all applicable codes and established procedures; learn to investigate complaints, make necessary recommendations or corrections, write necessary letters of citations and follow through until the case is closed; interpret, apply and explain a wide variety of codes, ordinances, regulations and policies; work cooperatively with other City and State bureaus in making inspections and assisting them with investigations; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with citizens, schools and all other organizations necessary for successful performance of fire prevention duties; prepare clear, concise reports, learn to assist in investigations, interview witnesses and prepare accurate, clear and concise reports that can be used for prosecutioin in criminal cases; read and interpret building plans, specifications and blueprints; obtain appropriate Fire Prevention certificates; meet physical and health status requirements for this classification and work category as described in the City’s Medical Standards for Applicants and Employees.

License:    Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.


The purpose of this examination is to establish an eligible list which may be used to fill vacant position(s) for the Fire Protection Specialist I Classified service.  The examination process will consist of a written examination (weighted 50%) and an oral assessment (weighted 50%).  The tentative date for the written examination is Wednesday, October 28, 2015; and the tentative date for the oral examination is Tuesday, November 10, 2015.   It is anticipated that both examinations will be held at the Compton Careerlink, 700 N. Bullis Road, Compton, CA  90221.  Each candidate will be notified via mail or email.

The City reserves the right to utilize alternative testing methods if deemed necessary.  Failure to qualify in one phase of the examination process disqualifies the applicant from further consideration and participation in the remaining phase(s) of the examination.



Recruitment may be conducted on a (a) promotional basis, (b) open-competitive basis, or (c) promotional and open-competitive basis simultaneously. All candidates who attain an overall score of at least 70.00 (open-competitive) and at least 75.00 (promotional) will be placed in rank order on the relevant eligible list(s).

In order to be placed on a promotional eligible list, a City employee must have attained permanent status with the City and must attain a score of at least 75.00 on EACH PHASE of the examination. All permanent City employees that attain an overall score of at least 75.00 will be placed on both the promotional eligible list and the open-competitive eligible list. All City employees that attain a score of at least 70.00 on EACH PHASE of the examination but an overall score of less than 75.00 will be placed on the open-competitive eligible list only.

Each eligible list shall remain in effect one (1) year from the date of its establishment unless it is extended, abolished or exhausted. Whenever possible, three (3) names are certified to fill any one (1) vacant position. No candidate may be certified more than three (3) times for any one classified position. When certifying eligible lists to appointing powers, the promotional eligible list takes precedence over the open-competitive eligible list. A department manager’s recommendation for employment is subject to the City Manager’s approval.


A candidate, may within five (5) days after taking the written examination, file in writing with the City Manager an appeal against any part of the test, citing the item or items against which the appeal is directed and the reason(s) for such appeal. The Personnel Board will consider appeals from the decisions and rating of qualifications appraisal (interview) boards if such appeals meet the conditions described in the Personnel Rules and Regulations (Section 6.8).


All examination papers, including the employment application, resume, and other attachment(s) submitted by competitors are the property of the Personnel Board and are confidential records which may be open to inspection only for purposes and under conditions established by the Personnel Board.


In all entrance examinations (open-competitive only) for positions in the Classified Service, veterans who served in the armed forces of the United States during time(s) of war, and who attain an overall passing score in the examination, are allowed additional preferential credit in accordance with the Personnel Rules and Regulations. In order to claim veterans’ credit, the applicant must submit proof of service and honorable discharge (showing specific dates of service) on a U.S. Military form (DD-214) at the time of application or not later than the final filing date for the examination.


The City’s comprehensive fringe benefits program includes: retirement (Public Employees’ Retirement System), medical, dental, life and vision insurances, deferred compensation, sick and vacation leaves, after-hours education reimbursement, ride share program, uniform allowance and other provisions.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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