Firefighter/EMT: Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue Bradenton Florida Deadline November 1, 2015

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Deadline: November 1, 2015

Salary: $38,935 Per Year

Job Requirements:

Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue is currently accepting applications.  Testing must be completed by 5:00pm November 1, 2015 to be considered for this position.

Please direct all questions about the job posting to National Testing Network.  Please do not call the district directly.  FireTEAM and NTN CPAT testing are both required for this listing.

Salary:  $38,935

Benefits:  Health Insurance, FRS, Sick Leave, Vacation Leave

City Information:  Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue is an Independent Special Fire Control District servicing the unincorporated areas located in the Southwest portion of Manatee County.  The district provides fire rescue services from 4 fully staffed fire stations located within a 27 square mile area responding to an average of 5,000 calls per year.

Population:  70,000

Job Requirements:

  • Age: 18
  • US Citizen: Yes
  • High School Grad/GED: Yes or GED from a recognized issuing agency
  • Valid FLORIDA State Driver’s License: Yes Class “E”
  • Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes
  • Vision: As required in NFPA 1582
  • Academy Certification:
  • Certified State of Florida Firefighter
  • Certified State of Florida EMT
  • Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors:
  • Felony/Criminal Disqualifiers
  • No record of a conviction of a felony or a conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

Driving Disqualifiers

  • A poor driving record will classify a candidate as undesirable; however, it will not necessarily remove a candidate from consideration.

Drug Use Disqualifiers

  • Pre-employment testing required.

Employment Disqualifiers

  • A poor employment record will classify a candidate as undesirable; however, it will not necessarily remove a candidate from consideration.

Failure of any of the following pre-employment tests:

  • Driving records check
  • Physical examination, including drug screening
  • Background check

Financial Disqualifiers

  • A poor credit history and financial background will classify a candidate as undesirable; however, it will not necessarily remove a candidate from consideration.

Additional Disqualifiers

Tobacco Use:

  • The applicant must be a non user of tobacco products for at least one year prior to date of application and throughout their employment with this department.

Types, Locations, and Number of Tattoos/Decals:

  • Perspective members shall be evaluated by the Fire Chief, or his/her designee, and may be used as a disqualifier for potential employment or appointment as a member At no time shall a perspective member be employed or appointed if said person has visible tattoos/decals that are offensive, in excess, vulgar, or otherwise deemed detrimental to the professional appearance and positive public image of members. No perspective member shall have tattoos/decals of any type that are visible about the neck, head, and/or face.

Additional Information:

  • From the list created from NTN with the standards that meet the criteria Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue will make contact via e-mail or regular mail (from NTN list) to eligible candidates to complete an employment application.
  • Veteran’s Preference will be given in accordance with Florida Statutes. To claim Veteran’s Preference, a copy of your DD214 must be submitted at time of application.
  • Selected applicants will be interviewed. The hiring process will include background investigation, driver’s license check, pre-employment physical and practical firefighter job skills assessment.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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